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Whiteboard Panels Custom Size

We create the largest whiteboards!
The standard size whiteboards we offer range up to pretty enormous sizes of 120x350 cm and even 120x400 cm. It can be however, that it should be bigger. A lot bigger. For example: across the room, or even across the hallway. You want all co-workers to be able to make use of it, put notes on it, write and draw freely on it and still have enough room for important announcements and such.

In these instances, the whiteboard surface will be heavily used. For that, you need a highly durable and magnetic whiteboard surface that lasts as long as possible, since redecorating the walls is not something you do every month. We've got the perfect solution: whiteboard wall panels, enabling you to create an endless whiteboard wall. Its characteristics are unbeatable.

  • Made out of highly durable enamel steel panels
  • Best quality whiteboard possible
  • Magnetic
  • Stylish outside frames
  • Various options for frames in between panels

To know what wall fits you best, follow the steps below

1 Choose your size
Basically, the amount of space available is the only limit. Only restrictions are the rolls of materials used for the production of whiteboards, which have a width of 120 cm. Whiteboards from stock, we sell in sizes up to 120x400 cm. For these walls however, we make use of an easy self-install system, where multiple whiteboard panels are installed and connected through frames. This is explained by the image shown on the right. Using this system, your whiteboard wall can be extended endlessly!

Whiteboards custom

2 Choose your finish Depending on your type of use and taste, we offer multiple types of finishing.

No Frame When used in construction or when building pin board panels into existing constructions or furniture, this can be the desired finishing. Inquire our sales department for the exact dimensions of these panels.

Finished with an aluminum frame The most common way of finishing a whiteboard. Our standard finish consisting of aluminum frames combined with gray corners, is the one used on our Whiteboard Classic, Pro and Projection Series. All of these aluminum frames are well designed and extremely durable. Available in four configurations, to everyone's taste.

Aluminum profiles
Standard aluminum frame with grey and black corners.

Aluminum profiles
Anthracite and white aluminum frame, with corresponding corners.

3 Install it yourself!
We've developed a system that allows you to install the whiteboard walls yourself. This saves you high installation costs. We make use of special frames equipped for self installation.

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