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Whiteboard walls & whiteboardpaint

An entire whiteboard wall
Whiteboard enamel panels
Easy to install
Suits every interior
Whiteboard walls & whiteboardpaint

Our whiteboard wall solutions provide you with a total wall of writable-erasable whiteboard surface. This is very useful for areas where you want to create uninhibited notes and illustrations on the entire wall. We offer two ways to create a whiteboard wall. There is a self-applied whiteboard paint, or you can install multiple magnetic enamel whiteboard panels. Each option has its own advantages:

Whiteboard paint can be self installed on virtually every wall. Because the whiteboard paint is transparent, it offers the ability to vary in colors. Of course, white is also available if you want to have a regular white surface. We recommend the use of whiteboard paint in regular use where you need a large writing surface for making notes and illustrations.

Whiteboard panels are fitted tightly next to each other and connected with a special aluminium profile system. Because these panels are manufactured from enamelled steel, they are magnetic and very durable in use. We recommend the use of whiteboard panels where you need a large magnetic writing surface that will see heavy use.

The following list shows the categories whiteboard walls. If you have questions about what type of whiteboard wall is most suitable for your particular situation? Please feel free to contact us for advice.

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