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United Kingdom
Bought Whiteboard Pro Series (30x45 cm) along with the following items:\n- Planning strips 5mm magnetic (2m- grey)\n- Memo magnet 10mm round mixed (set 6)\n- Whiteboard & Glassboard cleaner (100m)\nReally pleased with all the products! The whiteboard is much heavier than I have anticipated but it it sturdy and of a very high quality.\nThe liquid cleaner proved to be a life saver as my daughter kept using a permanent marker on the board and it wipes any mark with so much of ease! \nOther accessories are so cute and handy.\nBecause I have not much space to hang, I am using my whiteboard just keeping it upright in front of my table. Thus, not been able to use the plastic holder as well but impressed with this concept. \nGiven the high quality of this product, the price seems reasonable although there are many seller offering in competitive prices.\nThe only thing I would wish is the weight of this lovely useful board could be lighter!

Whiteboard Pro Series 100x100 cm

Whiteboard Pro Series 100x100 cm
Product-SKU: WBPRS100100
Inc. 20% VAT

sam creative
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Whiteboard Pro Series in size 100x100 cm, with durable enamel writing surface and aluminum design frame. Suitable for intensive use at home, schools or in the office.

The writing surface of the whiteboard is suitable for all types of whiteboard markers and is easily erasable. The whiteboard board is also magnetic, allowing you to attach documents to the whiteboard with magnets.

  • Design rounded aluminium frame
  • Finished with grey rounded corner panels
  • Durable enamelled steel with a 25 years' life expectancy
  • Easily writable and erasable writing surface
  • Magnetic whiteboard
  • Easy suspension with the enclosed wall mounts
  • Both horizontal and vertical placement
  • Includes click on/off pen tray for accessories
  • Best priced design whiteboard in the United Kingdom!

The whiteboard has a stylish and solid aluminium frame and comes with assembly material and a handy click on pen tray in which your whiteboard markers and other accessories can be placed.

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